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Agricultural Greenhouse Testimonials

"The cows are more comfortable in those buildings.   The big advantage is not only is it warmer, but the sun shining through helps to dry the floor"

"It is a lot healthier environment, it is the driest thing I've found for bottle calves especially, it's very important to keep them dry."

"It's more of a natural environment, the pigs seem more content, the air is dry, it's fresh and clean."

"We test milk every month, the production of these animals goes up every month.  They went up about 2000 pounds of milk per cow per year."

"The cost is way lower and the building works just as good, if not better than any other building that I could have put up."

"The directions were simple.  My kids could do it . . that's how easy it is."

"Everything fit, we didn't have anyAgricultural Greenhouses troubles assembling it."

"I think it is a great facility . . A traveling vet told me it is the best building he's ever been in."

"I would recommend Oehmsen barns to anybody, it is a good building."