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Other Uses for Greenhouses

We have two important questions to ask you:

1. Do you have a need for an affordable indoor working area?
2. Could you profit from being able to work while it rains or is cold and still utilize natural lighting?

If you answered yes to either of these questions,
We can help you.

For over 20 years we've been manufacturing a quality commercial greenhouse to be covered with a double layer of 6 mil Polyethylene sheet, but recently we've received requests to modify our standard design to accommodate the needs of the marine industry.  And this is what we've done!

The Structure at White Water Marine Inc., in Sayville, NY is 30 feet wide, 64 feet long and has a clear height of 14 feet. This is a modification of our SuperliteŽ Standard Gutter House.

The structure at Steiger Craft Boat Builder in Bellport, NY is 34 feet wide, 48 feet long and has a clear height of 15 feet.  This is a modification of our SuperliteŽ Northstar.

Both of these structures are manufactured with quality being the first priority.  Then we concentrate on ease of installation and finally expandability.

Either structure can be installed by yourself with minimal effort.  Both can be expanded lengthwise in 4 foot increments and the Gutter House can be expanded widthwise by the addition of one or more bays.