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Oehmsen Midwest, Inc.

Agricultural Greenhouses

Animals were designed by nature to live under the sun. And why not? The sun is the giver of life, the source of warmth, and the symbol of health. Take the sun away and you lose all that. Raising livestock in traditional buildings is like raising them in a dark, damp cave, but Oehmsen improves on all the benefits of natural sunlight by providing a protected, clean evironment.

Compare Oehmsen to traditional structures and you'll see that the advantages are clear.

bullet More affordable
bullet Do-it-yourself installation
bullet Drier bedding for your livestock
bullet Reduced bacteria problems for your livestock
bullet Bright work environment
Agricultural Greenhouses

You'll also discover that with a variety of available sizes, Oehmsen is more versatile than traditional structures. You can use them for:

bullet Livestock-Dairy, Hogs, Calves, Sheep, Horses, Ostriches
bullet Machine Sheds
bullet Storage Sheds
bullet Workshops
bullet Garages
bullet Greenhouses

Designed Versatility

Agricultural GreenhousesOehmsen Greenhouses are prefabricated for do-it-yourself installation. This not only reduces construction costs, it also allows the structure to be dismantled and moved if necessary. Because they are not permanent structures, they are often considered personal property rather than capital improvements at tax time. The size of the greenhouse can be customized to your needs.


Heartland: Made with galvanized steel and covered with polyethene sheets the Heartland can be made any width from 22-40 feet. Complete instructions, pre-drilled holes and a blueprint allow for ease of construction. A high efficiency blower is included to inflate the double polythylene layer.

Heartland Gutterhouse: The Gutterhouse provides interior space greater than the Heartland's maximum 34 foot width. Any number of these structures can be connected together using a 10" aluminum gutter of our own design and 3" square galvanized steel posts to acheive the desired overall width. The Gutterhouse design is capable of withstanding normal snow and wind loads.


bullet Roll-up vent
bullet Open ridge rail
bullet Prefabricated gable end framing
bullet Shade cloth for roof and gable ends
bullet Additional height
Agricultural Greenhouses

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